Yoga to Get Your Blood Flowing: 2 Best Poses for Increased Circulation

Yoga to Get Your Blood Flowing: 2 Best Poses for Increased Circulation

Looking for a way to really get your blood flowing? Try yoga! Poor circulation can lead to a number of physical problems including retaining fluid and swelling in the lower portion of your body. Yoga is a great, low-impact way to add physical activity into your daily life, calm your soul and increase circulation. Here are a two key yoga poses and practices to add to your daily routine of increased circulation is on your to-do list!

Sun Salutations

We went straight to a yoga expert and asked them, what is the single best yoga move to increase your circulation? According to Kim Weeks, a Washington D.C. area yoga teacher and trainer and the yoga expert for NBC News, the one move to try is a sun salutation. "Fundamentally, slow moving, alignment-conscious sun salutes get circulation going. Doing 15-30 cycles is comparable to taking a 15 minute walk," Weeks explains. She advises against doing a strenuous salutation unless you are under the age of 20 as it is necessary for the poses to be done with great precision. 

Need a refresher on sun salutations? Try this as a how-to. 


Weeks explains that, when practiced in repetition and held for some time, "inversions are the poses that [actually] increase circulation the most- more so than sun salutations." 

The ideal? To include inversions and  sun salutes into your yoga regime. 

The best formula includes a handstand for one minute, followed by a headstand and shoulder stand for a minimum of two minutes. 

Bonus Pose: Legs in Air

Ok, let's say you're into yoga but not quite at the level to be doing inversions. What's an alternative pose for you? Try inverting with your legs up the wall. This is the exact opposite the seating posture we normally assume all day long. The pose uses gravity and stretches thigh muscles to facilitate circulation. 

Photo: Yahoo! Beauty
This is great for folks with a more limited mobility. Do this pose as shown above or by placing your hips against a wall. Make sure to insert a block or firm cushion under your sacrum. You will want to hold this pose for at least 10 deep breaths.

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