We Like Girls Who Like To Roll Around In The Sand

We Like Girls Who Like To Roll Around In The Sand
Angelica Anderson

There are certain absolute truths in the world. In mathematics they are called "axioms", things that are self-evident without needing any proof, like: 2 + 2 = 4. Or, that girls love the sandy beach.

You might be thinking, "who doesn't love the beach". Well just your smart ass mouth and stay with us here. Sure everyone loves going to the beach, but girls specifically love laying in the sand all day. No sports, no nuthin'! Many times the only moments they'll get up is to cool off in the water (or maybe it's because they need to pee, who knows). What we do know, another axiom if you will... is that girls look good when they get all sandy.

We decided to put together this self-evident album to back it up.

See, what we like about this photo is everything.

Ok she's not exactly rolling around, but from that look on her face it's clear she's about to be.

She's checking to make sure she didn't leave any part of her body un-sanded.

See that look in her eyes? Girls are one with the sand.

It's like in the movie Predator when Arnold figured out he could mask himself from the infrared with mud.

Friends don't let friends wipe sand off their booty.

Another girl with only one sandy thought on her mind...

Clearly can't quite decide if she wants it off her or not.

South Beach, Miami continues to live up to its reputation.

This just does not look relaxing.

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