We Appreciate A Good Old Fashioned Booty Party

We Appreciate A Good Old Fashioned Booty Party

We want to take a minute and talk about a 'booty party'. Just like any party, a booty party is one where everyone can relax and have a good time. You can get comfortable with some of your best smokeshow friends, and just strip off all the stress of the day.

A booty party is about having fun, it's about being yourself. Also - and most importantly - it's about recording it so we can post more albums like this!

It's the right time for nap time.

Just another normal day standing around in underwear.

Why don't they want to get in the pool?

It's the most beautiful sunset pic ever recorded.

That girl in the Adidas sandals did not choose the right footwear for rock climbing.

This might be up there for greatest the 2 seconds of film.

No, wait. This video.

Yikes those nails look like something a werewolf would have.

This looks very relaxing, if they had any extra pillows we'd join.

Possibly they're veteran cheerleaders who have gotten more risque over the years.

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