These Horror Films Are Coming For You In 2017

These Horror Films Are Coming For You In 2017

You get in comfortable zones with certain types of movies. We love being amazed by the pectorals of superheroes, crying at the latest drama, or laughing at whatever Amy Schumer puts out. 

But at the same time, if there’s one thing we love, it's feeling uncomfortable. Specifically from movies that are scary as hell!

That’s right, we’re obsessed with heading out and seeing the latest scary movies that Hollywood has to offer, and 2017 is not about to disappoint. So see what’s coming to theaters next year!

Friday the 13th

A reboot of one of the most notable horror franchises has been going around for awhile now. Last we heard the 13th installment will revolve around an origin story featuring Jason and his mother, and it'll be released on Friday, October 13th. How freaking spooky is that?


If this '80s classic didn't make you terrified of clowns then, the remake sure will! Two Netflix stars will be taking the leads in this one; Hemlock Groves' Bill Skarsgård as the psychotic clown, and little Finn Wolfhard who we all fell in absolute love with this year thanks to Stranger Things.

The Dark Tower

IT isn’t the only Stephen King novel coming to the big screen next year. Oh and The Dark Tower has Idris Elba AND Matthew McConaughey? Hey, hey, hey sign us up for opening night next summer.


Kiefer Sutherland starred in the original back in 1990, and he's back this time around only with Ellen Page, Nina Dobrev and Kiersey Clemons. Talk about a talented cast rounding out this sci-fi meets horror film.

Sky Sharks

Sometimes you just have to laugh at the scary things in life, and that's when you watch a movie like this. While it's about Nazis in the antarctic, Sky Sharks has some humor wrapped up in there.

Saw: Legacy

Get ready to play a game for the eighth time as Jigsaw returns. Yeah Billy is supposed to be creepy, but we kind of think he’s a cutie too. Weird?

Annabelle 2

Billy may be cute, but that’s not the sentiments we have towards this doll. She stole the show back in 2013, starred in her own movie the following year, and now will soon get another sadistic turn at the box office.

Hellraiser: Judgement

The late '80s were not kind to our nightmares. Pennywise was just the start, and then came Pinhead's hellish ways. Now three decades after he first appeared, he's back for the tenth film in the franchise.

Insidious 4

Ghosts and demons always make us want to sleep with the light on, but for some reason we continue to come back for more. That explains why we're on edge waiting for the fourth chapter in the Insidious series.

Amityville: The Awakening

Seriously, we cannot get enough of all that supernatural goodness because we're in for another Amityville. Another new house with the same old problems…

Death House

Imagine you are a VIP going on a special tour of a top secret prison. Everything is fine until the powers goes out and you have to survive through The insanity.

Screw your imagination, because that's what's coming your way with Death House!

The Chair

Bill Oberst Jr. stars as the warden in a prison where a man waits on death row - twist? He's innocent, but stuck doing some devious things to keep himself alive... for now as he waits for the chair.

The Bye Bye Man

This movie has possession, a whole lot of blood and three friends just trying to get through their run in with a man scarier than the boogeyman.

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