These Babes Totally Pull Off The Dreadlock Look

These Babes Totally Pull Off The Dreadlock Look

Dreadlocks are not the easiest thing to pull off. First of all the only way you can get dreads is by not washing or combing your hair. So that's step #1: be slightly more dirty and do less maintenance than the average human.

But even with that going against, there's something very alluring about dreads. Perhaps it's for the exact reason? Perhaps we like getting into the nitty gritty. Perhaps we like girls that aren't afraid to make a big statement.

Face that is sort of asking for timid approval. Approval given.

You'd be hoppin' mad not to think dreadlocks look hot.

See this girl at the 420 club next to the quad.

Argentinian girl is working it by not combing it.

I dread the thought of getting on her bad side.

So much to like about this girl, the dreads are the icing on the cake.

Redheads are already rare, but a girl like this pulling off dreads?! Amazing.

Can't help but wonder what the wristband is was for.

Can't tell if she's winking or if it's just a really bright sun.

Pulling off tough yoga moves, dreads, and shirts.

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