There's Just Something Special About A Girl In Sneakers

There's Just Something Special About A Girl In Sneakers
Sophie Rose

Sneakers are the ultimate shoe. You pretty much just need one pair of sneakers and you could get through life. Sure you might not be let into some swanky clubs, sure you'd look weird at your wedding... but if you just wore one pair of sneakers till death do you part we here at Chrome and Fox would respect it.

So if you don't realize already, we like sneakers. And if you browse the site, you know we like to bring your beautiful women you should know about. What better way to marry the two then put together a sneaker album!

Do not pick a fight with this girl, and certainly don't challenge her to a foot race.

Hey why can't the girl in the back join?

you have to be Lira Galore to walk around L.A. like that.

Great form, and are those Jordans?

We want to join whatever gym has this dress code.

Nice kicks.

Please don't tell her that's not how to use a heavy bag.

It's like she's about to work out and go to bed at the same time.

Mid-workout selfies should be inserted into most smokeshow's routines.

She's trying desperately not to get sand in her shoes.

Classic look.

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