Red Dela Cruz's Bikini Pics Will Make You Miss The Hell Outta Summer!

Red Dela Cruz's Bikini Pics Will Make You Miss The Hell Outta Summer!
Red Dela Cruz

Look, we all miss summer. It's warm, everything seems easier, you probably are going to a concert... and of course there's the beach. There is nothing quite like hitting the beach to soak up some Vitamin D, play various ball sports with friends and look at all the fine girls who have worked so hard toward bikini season.

So with that in mind, it comes as no surprise that browsing UFC Ring Girl Red Dela Cruz's IG account will make you want to drift into a coma until late June. This girl seems to chase summer all over the world, and makes being a smokeshow seem easy. 

We just barely passed the Winter solstice, so check out this album at your own peril... you might get some serious summer FOMO.

Must be frustrating to have to swim across a pool to get to the ocean.

Girls like this is why you wear fully-reflective sunglasses to the beach. Don't want to be caught 'mirin.

Smile if you have a 6-pack. No, Bud Light doesn't count!

Avid readers may note that this is one of our favorite poses.

Aaaand another one for good measure.

Dat back dimples tho.

As Instagram portrays it, Bali is just an island full of smiling vacationing models. wait... how much are airline tickets?

Why oh why isn't it summer?

You probably never wanted to go to the beach so bad in your life.

You could take a picture of this girl with a potato and she'd still look amazing.

What's a beach day without friends?

Imagine watching her walk out of the water...

That's just a really solid side-arm plank right there.

Where is this beach and why don't we all just live there?

'Bout to wipe off that sand.

Keep your jackets on and hang in there everyone!

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