Ready For Ripped Abs In 2017? Then Eat More Of These 7 Foods

Ready For Ripped Abs In 2017? Then Eat More Of These 7 Foods
Iron Man

It seems like something everyone wants are ripped abs. At the same time, it can be the hardest goal to achieve. Why is that? According to a lot of trainers, there are a few factors to consider. 

For one thing, doing a billion crunches is not the key. You actually need to incorporate some consistent cardio, along with some squats, dips and lunges. Another thing to keep in mind? It really doesn’t matter how much you exercise if your diet sucks. In order to get the six-pack that you’re looking for, you need to get in plenty of protein, healthy fats and the right kinds of carbs into your system.

Your diet? That’s what we’re going to focus on today. If you’re committed to incorporating the following seven foods on a weekly basis (and you stick to a smart exercise regimen), you’ll be ready to show your abs off come Memorial Day.

Lean Chicken

Chicken is going to get you the protein you need to develop your muscles. Chicken also contains tryptophan (which is a mild anti-depressant), the amino acid homocysteine (which is great for your heart), the mineral phosphorus (which protects your teeth and bones) and selenium. The awesome thing about selenium is it helps to increase your metabolic rate; something that always works in your favor during a workout. Just make sure the chicken is lean. Otherwise the fat can work against your abdominal goals.

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