Proof That Tattoos Make Every Girl Hotter

Proof That Tattoos Make Every Girl Hotter

If you take a blank piece of canvas, then have a skilled artist paint an intricate, detailed, and aesthetically pleasing design on it, the canvas is improved, correct?

Well in case you haven’t noticed, the same thing is true of girls. Add a little (or in some cases, a lot of) stylish ink and the men-folk start tripping over one another to chat her up.

Don’t believe me? Here’s the proof:

Fur is Murder

But this is a look worth killing small animals for.

Lot of Coverage

Means a lot of feels...


But she pulls it off way better.

Just Casually Laying Around

With flawless eye makeup, as one does.

Take Your Hand Out Of Your Underwear

Ugh can't see what's on her knuckles. Photo ruined.

Something Hysterical is Happening

...she's looking at us. Oh, shit.

Biker Chick

Huge bonus points for the ride.

Nice Glasses

Because that's what matters here.

A Lot Going On Here

Appreciate all of it, peasant.

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