I'm Not Fat I'm Big Bootied!

I'm Not Fat I'm Big Bootied!
Lira Mercer

There's lots of picture perfect models out there. Girls that have a wiry frame and perfect breasts, a butt that's built to run a 10K then go home to her golden retriever. This article isn't about those girls. It's about the girls out there that Sir Mix-A-Lot writes famous songs about. Girls who know how to twerk and make it look like a lava lamp. You know, big booty babes. We love them and we know you love them too.

If you caught it, it would be a big one to keep hold of.

Nicky Galore apparently kicks it with Amber Rose. Guess it's because they have so much in common.

One of those where even from the front you get excited about the back.

That's what I like to call a butt awning.

Holding it down for the white girls out there.

This pic is up on here because though it's not as big as some of the other booties you can tell it has been achieved through hard work. Respect.

Sometimes seeing isn't knowing.

That's the happiest chair that's ever been a chair.

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