Hikearumba! Hot Girls Hiking

Hikearumba! Hot Girls Hiking

When I was younger the term Hiking was reserved for rugged outdoorsmen who would traverse hostile conditions for days on end only to die of exhaustion after eating most of their left arm off. Now anyone with a selfie stick and a local sports team cap can bandy the term around on their online dating profile with little to no repercussions. 

I think it's clear we need to work together to take the word back to its rightful honor, but in the meantime here are some really attractive females walking up really marginal inclines.

"Did i turn off the gas?"

Milk was a bad choice. 

I wonder if she is a real Aviator? 

That lucky rock.

I wonder where this photo was taken?

I don't think her boomerang is coming back.

Rapunzel is looking good!

She didn't make it.

I love base camp!

Stop "staring".

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