Here's An Equation For You: No Bra > Bra

Here's An Equation For You: No Bra > Bra
Anna Matthews

We live in a world of constraints. You're stuck in a job, you're apartment is too small, you're tied up by some mustachioed villain and left on railroad tracks...

Ok, maybe not that last one. But definitely throughout life we start to notice things constricting us, and nowhere is that truer than with women and bras.

Unless you're going for a run, most women have very little need for a bra. Did you know that bras were only invented around the 1920's? More importantly, new studies show that wearing a bra actually makes your breast sag! Turns out that if you don't let breasts support themselves they start to get lazy.

Well the girls in the album below show that they're not standing for outdated misguided convention and constraint. We at Chrome and Fox support you!

Holy heck! That wall looks uncomfortable!

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