Girls Wearing Glasses Look Real Smart

Girls Wearing Glasses Look Real Smart

Most every dating profile these days says something about being smart. While we all appreciate someone who’s just all kinds of hot, that sort of eye candy doesn’t always make for the best dinner conversation.

Well how about a girl who looks hot, and looks smart? This is why God invented glasses.

There’s just something about a chick wearing spectacles that tickles your ‘little nerd’. Witness some of the hottest below:

Wanna Study?

Or, you know, chill.

A Little Ink

never hurt anything.

Eye Contact

Wildly underrated.

Almost Getting To...

...secretary territory.

Bold in White

They don't all have to be thick and black. Wait no...

Four Eyes

And two other bits.

Where We're Going

we don't need zippers.

Those Eyes

Be still my heart.

So Smart

Rhodes scholar, I'd bet to no one in particular

Obligatory Kendall

Because as much as you hate the Kardashians, she's sooooo hot.

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