Getting Rugby Fit: Try These Strengthening Workouts From Across The Pond

Getting Rugby Fit: Try These Strengthening Workouts From Across The Pond

The US doesn't have a monopoly on all popular sports. While soccer may be the most popular sport worldwide, the UK has one major sport the US doesn't really give the time of day. That sport is rugby—and it is intense. Players are pretty much insanely ripped and look like they could pick up a car. Sounds like the golden standard for being in shape, right? 

According to Rugby Ready, the most important aspects to get rugby fit are strength, speed, "functional competence" (a fancy way of saying agile), and endurance. Let's take a look at some programs that work these areas; give this type of training some time and you'll get rugby fit!

Strength Training

In order to build strength, you need to go heavy on the weight and low on the amount of reps. Compound lifts are a great way of approaching lifting heavy because you hit all of your muscle areas with relatively few exercises. 

In addition, they have been proven to burn more calories than other types of lifts and lead to faster overall strength and muscle mass gains. So if you start doing them, you'll be developing that beastly figure over time. 

The above workout lays out the best compound lifts for each area of the body and a basic guideline for performing them. 

Speed And Agility

These 2 areas can easily be hit in the same workout, since you would be combining them on the field if you were a rugby player. Team members must be able to zip up and down a pitch (field over here in the US) while dodging other players.

To accomplish these kinds of skills, test out the workouts in the video above. There are several different options listed out there, so there's very little possibility of you getting bored. 

Endurance And Explosive Power

The final pieces of the rugby fit puzzle are endurance and explosive power. You need to be capable of running up and down a field and doing high intensity and low intensity running on and off for the duration of a game. How do you train for that? High intensity, explosive cardio, of course! 

The above 30-day challenge (which you can easily keep doing beyond that time period) mimics running from different angles, while also working on your overall stability as an added bonus. 

Bring It All Together

Bring It All Together

Feel free to mix and match these areas on different days. You can take a couple of the strength exercises and match them with a speed routine one day. The next day mix the remaining strength moves with endurance. If you do this 3-4 times a week you'll start to reap some serious rugby-style rewards!

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