Cheers To The Sexiest NBA Cheerleaders

Cheers To The Sexiest NBA Cheerleaders

Basketball is one of the most exciting sports in the world, and if you are lucky enough to see a live game, you know how impressive it really is. Back flipping mascots, eye-removing t-shirt cannons, some really tall men trying to put an orange ball in a basket, and most importantly, a plethora of pom-pom shaking dreamboats, throwing high kicks and raising eyebrows with their athleticism and beauty. In this list we pick out our favorite 10 leaders of cheers to help you get into that team spirit.

Melissa - Dallas Mavericks

Melissa is all smiles.

Katie - Milwaukee Bucks

I'm no fashion expert, but that belt doesn't seem to be doing much.

Los Angeles Lakers

I wonder what the attendance would be if all players had to wear this uniform?

Cartier Hebert - Boston Celtics

She has the luck of the Irish and a body worth 50 pots of gold.

Juliana - Atlanta Hawks

She sure wears a bikini to a lot of different functions, doesn't she?

Tessa - Golden State Warriors

She is nailing that pat your head and rub your tummy maneuver. 

Taylor - New Orleans Pelicans

They forgot to photoshop the basketball spinning on her finger.

Annie - Philadelphia Sixers

I hope that top isn't made out of real Zebra.

Ashley - Miami Heat

Is it hot in here or is it just her awesome cleavage?

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