Babes of Glory: The Sexiest Figure Skaters Ever

Babes of Glory: The Sexiest Figure Skaters Ever

With the exception of Jamaica's bobsled team, female figure skating is a definite highlight of any winter Olympics. Watching these sexy ice dancers jump, spin ,and backwards-crossover in those sexy bedazzled costumes is enough to make anyone give them a perfect 10. When you feast your eyes on the girls in this list you will understand why it’s called figure skating.

Joannie Rochette

That scene from Titanic would have been way more awkward in ice skates.

Sasha Cohen

I hope she is wearing ice skates at the beach.

Tanith Belbin

Do you think she practices her spins on that chair? 

Tatiana Volosozhar

Extra points for insane flexibility.

Katarina Witt

"I've given up Ice Skating to pursue a career as sand."

Elene Gedevanishvili

This is how Elene got her teachers attention is school.

Anna Semenovich

This is what happens when all the ice melts.

Kiira Korpi

"Sorry, I was actually sitting there."

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