11 Ways to Overcome Feeling Awkward at the Gym

11 Ways to Overcome Feeling Awkward at the Gym
Scott Webb

Working out is hard enough, but it’s even worse when you’re not the “typical” gym person. If you don't have much gym experience, it can make signing up and actually committing a fairly awkward experience.

Don’t worry though, we’ve all been there and trust - after you shake off those initial jitters and focus on the following, you’ll be over that whole awkward feeling and ready to work it!

Practice At Home

Some of the moves people do at a gym look ridiculous, whether they're a professional athlete or beginner. So that’s why you should practice some of your new moves at home.

You can do this by working out to a video on YouTube in front of the mirror to see what you need to change regarding your form. It’ll make you feel less self-conscious when it’s time to do it in front of others, oh and also form is everything to prevent injury!

Pick The Right Gym

A place like Equinox is for starlets and dudes who drink protein shakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and Curves is completely female friendly. The environment of a gym can really impact how you feel about working out there. Do some research and see what fits your personality best so you’re not stuck paying a monthly fee for somewhere you hate.

Make A Plan

When you’re wandering around a new gym, you can feel like a directionless noob so much to the point that you think people are noticing. They aren’t, but still. What’s good about making a plan for your daily routines is that you’ll walk in looking like a boss.

Get A Trainer

There’s nothing wrong with getting help. They’ll insure you’re never alone. Plus, they typically make for great eye candy.

Dress the Part

A great ensemble can go a long way in building confidence. Just remember, it’s a gym and not the club!

Create the Perfect Playlist

When you can zone out to your favorite music, the world around you disappears - making it a hell of a lot easier to calm down about feeling out of place.

Take a Class

Go ahead and stand in back that first day. We don’t want to push you too far, but getting into a class at your gym will help you meet people and settle those nerves a bit.

Call Reinforcements

Do you have a friend who’s been talking about joining a gym? Well go at it together! You’ll both be on the same page and be able to help each other out.

Avoid Peak Hours

All those people all over the place taking up every machine. Overwhelming much? For a more low key time of day, stay away during the hours of 4-7pm if you can. That’s when people are getting off work and focused on heading to their local gym. If you can’t because you too are stuck at work all day - try and find the quietest, most secluded part of the gym to start out until you’re ready to immerse yourself in the crowd.

Realize No One’s Looking

The main reason a lot of people freak out about the gym is because they think others are judging them. In reality, people are there to focus on their own thing so there’s no need to stress about them throwing shade your way.

Don’t Compare

With that, you can’t go in comparing your day 1 with someone’s day 478. Everyone had to start somewhere and while you’re at your beginning, you’ll get there - so don’t lose sight of whatever your goal is.

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