10 Girls In Hot Pokemon Cosplay

10 Girls In Hot Pokemon Cosplay

Pokemon Go hit the scene a few months back and the world has never been the same. Well actually, it was different for a while but we're feeling like the pendulum has swung back and people aren't aggressively walking around public parks anymore staring at their phones and getting mugged. What better way to reflect on that gloriously weird time than checking out hot girls dressed up as your favorite Pokemon characters. What's that? You don't like Pokemon? Oh well enjoy the other thing you probably like then... hot girls.

Misty seems to be a fan favorite. I'm also becoming a fan.

You've spotted a wild Espeon!

I thought at first that this girl had just broken into a natural history museum, but then I remember Cubone that weird undead Pokemon thing.

Two Pikachus are better than one.

This is some outside-the-box thinking... or rather outside-the-ball.

I'm suddenly really attracted to Misty and I'm not sure how I feel about it.

I know the one on the right is Magicarp. I know the one on the left is my favorite.

I don't remember Ash Ketchum being this hot, but then again I was more of a Power Rangers guy.

It's Meowth! Doing like a cat does and lounging in the afternoon sun.

I tried to hit an an Articuno once. Girl was super cold to me.

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