This Is The Ultimate Party Shirt

This Is The Ultimate Party Shirt
The Chive

Sometimes an invention comes along that changes the world. No I'm not talking about the wheel or the computer. Sure those are important or whatever, but now something has come along that will forever impact our lives as men!

Below is the newest greatest invention that will unseat modern agriculture:


Called "The High Water", this shirt has everything: a near-water proof pocket for your phone and wallet, a bottle opener, even a freakin' pocket to hold your beer!! I have been doing this wrong for so many years and I didn't even realize it. Here's a sweet looking diagram from their website breaking it all down for us:

California Cowboy

As a guy it's not easy to know what to do with your stuff at the beach or pool party or really ever. Girls get to have bags with pockets and all that. I mean technically you can be the dude that brings the backpack, but then you have a backpack all day and all your friends are going to be jamming all their crap in there. It's not a good look, in fact it's a burden. This shirt solves that problem with their near-waterproof pocket.

Also I didn't know I needed a shirt that has a beer holder built into the side, but after watching that video I realize I do. How many times have you set down your beer only to forget it and then you look around and finally guess that maybe one of these sorta full beers is your beer and take a big swig and someone put a cigarette out in it?! (This happened to me once... never again)

Based out of California, the new brand California Cowboy claims they are trying to bring back the fun in high fashion. Well maybe high fashion never was any fun to begin with. I don't know, the closest I've come to Yves Saint Laurent was when I bumped into a well-dressed guy on a subway.

I'm not usually someone to care about stuff like this, but I ran into these guys at a pop-up they were doing in L.A. Not only were their prints awesome, but the founders at California Cowboy were cool; just a bunch of young dudes trying to create clothing that will inspire people to to have fun and start conversation.

That's what really got me, the idea of starting conversation, of irreverence, of not taking yourself too seriously. With my brother's birthday coming up and longer Indian Summers, I think I've found the perfect invention.

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