These Intricate Haircuts Are Works Of Art That Will Blow Your Mind

These Intricate Haircuts Are Works Of Art That Will Blow Your Mind

Barber and artist Rob Ferrel has taken the concept of hair art to a whole new level with his intricate portraits and scenes that he etches right into the scalps of his clients. Let's take a look at his unique, beautiful work and let out a collective "wooooow."

Rob Ferrel was an aspiring artist before he ever picked up a pair of clippers, and when you take a look at the extremely detailed work he does on his clients, that makes total sense.

Growing up in LA, Ferrel always aspired to be an artist, never seeing hair in his future. That all changed upon his move to San Antonio, Texas, when he discovered his love for all things hair. Once he realized he could combine his two passions into one beautiful, artistic head of hair, the rest was history, and Rob the Original's intricate haircut designs quickly became must-haves for his huge list of clients looking for something a little more fly than a regular fade (although he does those, too).

 This clipper king's business may be in San Antonio, but that doesn't stop people from flocking to him from all over the country for looks like this portrait of Tupac...

...this nativity scene...

...and this portrait of Frida Kahlo.

Learn more about how Ferrel creates his intricate looks, and watch him inaction below!

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