SMU Sigma Chi Gets Migos To Help Throw An Insane Party

SMU Sigma Chi Gets Migos To Help Throw An Insane Party
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The most insane party I ever been to was in college where the rugby team started a fight with a fraternity and a huge brawl broke out. In retrospect, it was quite the experience and has served as a great story, but at the time I just remember trying to protect my date from flying bros and get out of there.

So when THIS video pops up and shows how a party can be insane in a good way, I can't help but wonder if there were some missed opportunities in my college experience.

I certainly made a mistake by not going to South Methodist University. Not only do they have a strong football program, but as you can see from this video they also uphold those Christian values they were formed upon at the turn of the century. In all seriousness though, there's a great irony that this Christian University threw the most bacchanal party ever recorded on video. I haven't seen so many tongues out since last time I took my dog to the dog park. 

Now pivoting over to the fraternity, I took it upon myself to do a quick google of Sigma Chi, finding their mission statement: "The purpose of this fraternity shall be to cultivate and maintain the high ideals of friendship, justice, and learning upon which Sigma Chi was founded". Here's an example from the video of the lifelong friendship you can make...

My. Good. Lord. I haven't shuddered this hard at an image since that girl climbed out of the static in The Ring.

But despite the troubling numbers of frat bros in this video, there is also an abundance of booty to make up for it.

This girl might be my favorite. First of all anyone that knows me knows I'm a sucker for the onesie, also I'm just imagining her as a proper Texas lady.

These girls seem like they all went to the bathroom together and the wait was over a half hour each time.

Like the low-cut design here, also I think I spotted the one black guy at this party.

The party certainly was not designed for anyone with claustrophobia, and somebody has to have bribed the fire marshal to let this happen. Despite all that, it looked like an insane party and probably upped next year's pledges for Sigma Chi.

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